Monday, July 6, 2009

Holistic foods, a subject very close to my heart, over the recent years is fast contaminated.

Greetings from "MY RIGHT TO SAFE FOOD"

Holistic foods, a subject very close to my heart, over the recent years is fast contaminated.

As i watch the plight of millions of consumers frequenting hospitals with their loved ones especially children with their diet so dependent from the very basics like white sugar, white pasta, white bread, white rice, white milk, made to look pure but in reality a poison. More appalling is the diet in hospitals for patients which comprise most of the above. Many times, I request my doctor friends and ask them if they can do something about it. Yet to happen!

Lets take artificial white sugar which robs the body of its Vitamin B. It is that portion of Vitamin B called Thiamine and many other valuable minerals which is destroyed necessary for growth, good appetite, smooth functioning of the digestive tract. It plays so big a part in nerve health that it is called the "morale" vitamin. Thiamine is stolen from our bodies by these robber foods - white sugar, synthetic sugar, white flour, white bread, cereals and many refined and processed foods.

If you eat jaggery and carbohydrates in natural forms, you do not expereince any thiamine deficiency nor alow the body to steal thyamine from its storage reserves in liver, kidney and heart. If you eat white sugar daily you are almost bound to suffer from thyamine deficiency and if you are a heart case such a dietary habit is cold suicide. Sugar + Vitamin B deficiency = HEART TROUBLE.

If you do not believe me, kindly read a 68 potent book called "Sugar - The curse of Civilisation" by J J Rodale.

From the supermarket shelves, rows of glistening, jewel-coloured jellies, cakes, biscuits and jams, sparkling fruit juices beckon invitingly. Packaged well, most contain commercial glucose or corn syrup made by treating corn starch with sulfuric or hydrochloric acid. The resulting syrup is then neutralised with soduim carbonate and decolourised with carbon or bone black.

Refer chapter 7 "Glucose - A synthetic food". Leading diabetic authority Dr Lee, Dr Joslin of Boston says there is an increase in the present trend of diabetes. Much of the responsibility for this frightening prediction can be laid at the door of glucose or corn syrup.
According to Dr Quigley, M.D of Omaha, synthetic glucose must be suspected as being a cause of cancer, for he found it impossible to treat successfully some types of cancer until all traces of glucose were eliminated from the patients diet. He further says let the chemist say what they like but our bodies are not designed for synthetic foods. You feed your cells/body rubbish and they will lose their identity and revert into forms that can better live upon rubbish.
Glucose blocks the assimilation of calcuim, the most impotant element to strenghten us against many different kinds of disease. It also destroys amino acids which forms proteins, most required category of food and health. This causes fatigability and nervousness then brings toxic symptoms of liver disease and obesity.
Look at your shopping list and see the amount of junk bought for children's lunch boxes as well as fast processed foods..Horrific. NO matter how rushed you are, no matter how meagre the food budget, make efforts to avoid buying commercially prepared foods like jams preserves, jellies, ketchups, ice creams, bakery products, cereals.

Indulge and get back to making your own recipes with fresh fruits and vegetables. Trust me, it is only a matter of shift in our mind sets and attitudes. We bake our own bread, biscuits, cakes, fruit conserves, pickles etc...and mind you although we are rushed off our feet, we still make the time! Both urban and the rural consumers have become lazy and so dependent on the retail shops for their basics. In villages, we teach farmers to get back nutritional traditional diets with basics....whilst sharing and preparing recipes, they look at me and say " My grandmother used to prepare this..."

Involve children, treat your families to the age old tradition of making your own sweets with cane sugar, jaggery or date syrup. You will save not only on finances but also curb your visits to pharmacies and hospitals...Take charge of your food, its time to wake up.

Earlier it was refined white sugar, now its GM sugars which are further killers. The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) has called for a boycott of the Kellogg Company, also known as Kellogg’s, after the company refused to sign a pledge refusing to use genetically modified sugar in its cereal products.Sugar from genetically modified sugar beets hit the U.S. market for the first time this year, making the beets the first genetically engineered crop to enter the U.S. food stream since the widespread introduction of modified corn and soy in the 1990s. The sugar has been modified by the Monsanto Corporation to be resistant to the company’s signature herbicide, Roundup. Read on......

In solidarity

Sangita Sharma


  1. Hey Sangita,
    I just heard u on Radio 91.9 and I absolutely agree with you. In fact, I also believe that a lot of engineers should look at agriculture as an employment option. If we combine our organic farming methods with engineering expertise(mainly for irrigation etc), we could have really healthy and abundant crop produce. For an agricultural country like India, farming should be a profession of the educated and informed, unlike what it is today.
    I on my part try to use non-refined products as much as I can. Thanks for effort to educate ppl around.


  2. In fact, I think in US, nearly everyone has some food allergy or other (a concept which was unknown in India till some time back) because of their constant consumption of synthetic foods since childhood and to a small extent because lack of sun exposure in some parts there. Have you noticed how most village ppl r so much healthier than we city ppl?
    & going back 2 grandma'a days is the only approach that will take us out of this vicious circle.. whatever goes round comes back round. N its time it came back. In fact, in my experience, grandma's remedies work best when I fall sick. No allopathic medicine can do what curd rice or buttermilk can do in case of a flatulent stomach. Or in case of cold... Anyways, I can go on and on on this topic.... :)