Sunday, June 14, 2009


The Meaning of Green
transformed through time, traditions & trends.
How do you see it today?

Fundamentally, does the Green mean,
consciousness growing,
in harmony, in atomic - cosmic world?

Spiritually, does the Green mean
organic, dynamic, expansive spirit
enveloping you, me, them & us,
in dark, deep & bright - loving, blissful experience?

Materially, does the Green mean
translucent lean layer, live in human mind, heart & gut
separating & sifting, our greed & need?

Some of us seeking to unearth & unravel Green again
on seeing nature in ruffle, times in shuffle.
Green placards in hand,
they shout, show and won't let us shrug
about present picture of mother nature.

how do you see?
Is nature transforming or dying?
In chorus with mother nature,
do you also cry for change,
for new world, new future, new you, me & us?

Will you drink the Green potion
to dream and claim spiritual materialism anew?
Will you sing n say :

I choose,
customizable religion,
transparent relationships,
world citizenship.

I buy,
conscious consumption,
cultural selection,
creative communication.

I want,
spiritual society,
compassionate community,
harmonized humanity.

tell me brother, my sister, my friend
how far are we from the world in our dream?

is it time for Green, Unplugged...?

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  1. Culture Unplugged Studios will be launching ‘Green Unplugged’ - the festival where we unite to explore the
    nature, that flows without & within us. This festival aspires to contemplate on the environment and the need
    to co-create future generation with love & respect for mother earth. It aspires to overlap the sound of our cry
    today with that of nature and hopes to collectively perceive a new path. We invite your conscious films that may help us all wake to our holistic future – an integral individual & human community thriving in coexistence with nature. With your co-operation, the festival hopes to bring context to our existence and reveal the evolving divine - the truth of life, hidden in nature’s dream of tomorrow.
    message courtesy (culture unplugged)