Monday, May 4, 2009

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If you're addicted to having the hottest new geeky gadgets, help is at hand. You can assist in saving the planet through sheer laziness, or if you want to put a positive spin on it, you can ethically choose to hang on to last year's gadget instead of upgrading. And if you need the support of fellow reforming gadget geeks, Last Year's Model is the networking site for you.

But there are some purchases that are unavoidable. The Good Guide might help you make choices on the basis of health, environmental, and social impacts. How does that toothpaste you're using compare with best practice?

If you're looking for an online community that can help with suggestions for practical action for greening the planet, CoolTribe is an international social networking site with a green conscience. In the future CoolTribe also hopes to provide a directory of ethical products and services.

highlight this for world fair trade day

"A simple thing like buying a product has consequences far beyond feeding your family, making you feel good or giving you something new to talk about. Buying a product, whether it's the fruit of one person's labour or the result of super-efficient mechanization is a vote for the organization that provided you with the product. To you it’s just a banana, just a T-shirt, or just a bar of soap; to a business it's a response to consumer demand, and money in the bank for investors. But poverty, climate change and economic crisis are the result of the products we buy and the businesses we choose to support. If you buy Fair Trade products, change becomes inevitable."

Sounds fair? With this challenge the World Fair Trade Day organizers are encouraging you to start a local event, or join an existing one on May 9th. There's a nine-step guide to running an event, plus a listing of events already planned.

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