Monday, March 2, 2009

the go green campaign by mother earth

not so long ago the environment crisis was only the concern of scientists and tree huggers.

but not anymore...

with the soaring temperatures, oil and water crises, and cities bursting at the seams, we all are being affected by it. and we need to do somethign about it...

but what?
being environment friendly is not about hugging trees ir signing petitions, it is about making sensible choices for you, your family and the planet.

join us in a campaign to popularise green living options- ideas for sensible shopping and sustainable living.

Reduce, recycle and replenish - ideas for daily lifestyle changes
Buy sensible - options for a healthier greener lifestyle
Waste less - learn to take care of your waste sensibly - compost, segregate, recycle
Do more - volunteer for green NGOs, take community initiatives for a greener neighbourhood

Be a part of the green community.
Contact us to run this program for you in your office, neighbourhood, school or college.

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